Python | OpenCV | Creative Coding

Ever want to make your drawing come alive? A program that animates objects on paintings.

grandpa drawings


My grandparents inspire me with their passion for art. They practice traditional chinese drawings and calligraphy everyday. After I left home for college, I don’t see them often anymore. But whenever I visit them, they always like to show me their artwork, share with me their progress, and talk about the different techniques of chinese painting. I have always wanted to showcase their passion and also combine my artistic and tech skills with their artwork. This project is my spin on their work, which combines modern technology with traditions. I would like to dedicate this project to them and and to show my appreciation for their unconditional love, passion for art and life, and inspiration.



I used opencv to identify the objects (fish, bird, leaves) from the background and use pygame to animate the objects and also allow the user to interact with the objects. For example, if the user imports an image of a painting with fish swimming in a pond, openCV will identify the contour of the fish, and pygame will animate the fish objects and make them swim around the pond (canvas). An example of the user interaction component is that if the user clicks on the canvas, the fish will be swim away from where the mouse is clicked.

Final product preview